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CNC Jobs Netherlands is the number 1 vacancy page for CNC operators/programmers from Europe who want to work in the Netherlands. The platform is simply set up, focused on a number of job profiles.

It’s easy to get into our database. After registration you will receive a confirmation and you will be called back within 24 hours on working days for the best welder work in the Netherlands.

A recruiter will call you for a short intake and check whether you fit the job profile of the companies that are affiliated with us from all over the Netherlands.

We value many values ​​to the CNC workers that come in through our platform. The CNC’er will be treated with respect and will receive the best accommodation within a 30-minute drive from the workshop.

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Good housing is high on the wish list of foreign technical personnel. There is little turnover, because they usually come to the Netherlands for the medium to long term. Their salary is excellent everywhere, which is why good and correct housing often makes the difference for this target group. CNC Jobs Netherlands ensures the right balance in housing and work, so the work is a maximum of 30 minutes drive from the house, the houses are SNF proof and meet the standards of the best poeple that we know how to place. Homes are shared with a maximum of 3 other people, so there is little turnover and everyone has a lot of privacy.


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